*It looks like a Child’s dream comes true each day, as he grows up.*

Hi, My name is Arun Nagar,  I am a CG Artist, started learning CG Art since July 2008 as a student and professional career as a CG Artist, since January 2010. I am basically from a very small town in Rajasthan (India), called Baran and currently living in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India).

What I do

I am an artist, specialized in 3D Modeling, Digital Sculpting and Texturing for Feature Films, Cinematics, next-gen games, CG Illustrations, 3D Printing and Toy designs. In all that my Favorite part is Character creation for all of the above fields

As a Freelancer, I used to do modeling, sculpting and texturing for Characters, props, vehicle, weaopnes for next-gen game, and for Cinematic and 3D Printing industry I prefer to do only Character modeling and sculpting.

*For my complete resume, please contact me through the contact page*

What i have done yet, as freelancer/full-time employee
Title Job/Role Studio / Companies Year
NDA Character Artist Interceptor 2013-14
NDA NDA Vantage 2013-14
NDA Character/3D Artist Exigent 2013
3D prototypes Character Artist Aradia Miniatures 2013
ROTT Character Artist Interceptor 2012-13
3D prototypes Character Artist Eastern Front 2012-13
NDA NDA Lakshya 2012
NDA NDA Paintbox 2012
AMD Character Artist Exigent 2012
Snipper Ghost.. 3D Artist Exigent 2012
Dead Rising.. 3D Artist Exigent 2011
Red Indigo Character Artist Exigent 2011
3D prototypes Character Artist NA 2011
Hanuman Chalisa Modeling and Texturing Consultant Charuvi Design Lab 2011
Wave Rider Character Artist Krazy Motions 2011
The hunted Character Artist NA 2010
Alien Zihad Jr. 3D Artist Krazy Motions Jan2010